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War On The Saints 1912 First Edition

The first ever publishing of War On the Saints appeared as only 3000 copies, many of which were sent directly to missionaries abroad. This scan is from a copy in SDA libraries.

Download First Edition PDF (51.2 MB)

War On The Saints 1922 Third Edition

The third edition was published as 5000 copies. The scan is from a copy I own today.

Download Third Edition PDF (60.7 MB)

War On The Saints 1928 Fourth Edition

One year before Penn-Lewis' death, the fourth edition was printed. The fourth is very much a duplicate of the third edition. I own this copy as well.

Download Fourth Edition PDF (63.8 MB)

The Overcomer Magazine

I include here The Overcomer Magazine. Penn-Lewis was the editor of the publication until her death in 1927. The Overcomer has all the original advertisements and testimonials to War On The Saints, as well as notes about additions that came with the 2nd and 3rd editions. The Overcomer did continue until 1948 under a variety of editors. You can find the complete works here. (Also, check out their collections for Jessie Penn-Lewis and Evan Roberts.) For the purpose of this site I only included the years of Mrs. Penn-Lewis as editor.

Download The Overcomer - 1909 PDF(88.7 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1910 PDF(118.2 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1911 PDF(14.5 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1912 PDF(33.1 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1913 PDF(22.0 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1914 PDF(23.7 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1920 PDF(7.0 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1921 PDF(10.1 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1922 PDF(9.6 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1923 PDF(11.6 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1924 PDF(4.8 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1925 PDF(11.6 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1926 PDF(11.1 MB)
Download The Overcomer - 1927 PDF(5.8 MB)

What is the Purpose of this Site?

War On The Saints has been one of the deepest books ever written on demon-possession, spiritual warfare, and deliverance. It was not written to unbelievers and lukewarm Christians but to believers who desire the deeper things of God. Well ahead of its time, War On The Saints warned of the dangers and deceptions that come upon Christian gatherings. Today, WOTS is in the public domain, free for anyone to duplicate and sell.

As a result of its truth and threat to satan's kingdom, War On The Saints has come under attack in many ways. One way is through the distortion of the printed copies. This website was built as a resource where anyone can easily get their hands on the originals.

I have OCR scanned all the files so that the text can be copied off of the PDF files (there will be typos in the scan). I pray that you will find this as a useful resource. If you are able to build to this or have more information, I am always eager for help.

A Brief Timeline of the Early Editions of War On The Saints

Here are some highlights as to when the editions were published:
1898Penn-Lewis publishes the Message of the Cross as a pamphlet.
1904-5The Welsh Revival
1909The Overcomer magazine and publishing company are founded
1912First Edition of War On The Saints is published (Overcomer)
1914-18World War I
1916Second Edition of War On The Saints is published (Overcomer)
1922Third Edition of War On The Saints is published (Overcomer)
1928Fourth Edition of War On The Saints is published (Overcomer)
1927Penn-Lewis dies at the age of 66
1929-1943Mary N. Garrard is editor for The Overcomer
1930Mrs. Penn-Lewis - A Memoir by Mary N. Garrard is published (Overcomer)
1931Fifth Edition of War On The Saints is published (Overcomer)
1939Sixth Edition of War On The Saints is published (Overcomer)
1943Mary N. Garrard dies
1951Evan Roberts dies at the age of 72

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The Overcomer Trust

Sermon Index - Jessie Penn-Lewis

An Account of a Corrupted Printing

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